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Soup restaurant?

cckid Nov 23, 2012 04:29 PM

I love good soup and wonder if there is a place in YYC that just does soup??
I ate at a place in Wisconsin that made 5-6 differant types & was only open for lunch, wish there was some place similar here.

  1. l
    ladybugs65 Nov 28, 2012 01:44 PM

    I have never been but I drive by the Tuscan Soup Kitchen everyday. It is across the street from Crossroads Market in the SE.

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    1. re: ladybugs65
      plateofshrimp Dec 4, 2012 10:15 AM

      Same bad quality as the "Stephen Avenue Soup Company" (nowhere near Stephen Ave naturally) it replaced. I'd avoid it.

    2. m
      miss.foodie Nov 25, 2012 05:41 PM

      It's not quite a restaurant, but Fiasco Gelato food truck serves soups during the winter months in the "Souped Up" version of their truck. I haven't seen them out much lately though.

      1. s
        Scary Bill Nov 25, 2012 01:22 PM

        If ramen is soup in your universe, go to Shikiji for the Chili Goma Ramen. Absolute killer.

        1. maplesugar Nov 24, 2012 04:55 PM

          Lazy Loaf and Kettle was always a good place for soup -- not 5-6 kinds a day but the real deal, not Sysco stuff. http://www.lazyloafandkettle.com/ (I say was because I haven't been in awhile but I'm told they're still as good as always).

          1. j
            johnjohnson78 Nov 24, 2012 11:47 AM

            I'd love a dedicated soup restaurant/cafe as well, but I'm not aware of one. I made 3 different soups last week to satisfy my soup requirements but that can get a little too labour intensive. It would be great if somebody would fill this void in the Calgary market place.....that's for sure

            1. cellophane_star Nov 23, 2012 09:30 PM

              I wish. I love soup too.

              There's a few places that have ok soup but usually only 1-2 varieties. Not including Vietnamese Pho places. Haven't found a really amazing soup place yet.

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