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Nov 23, 2012 04:29 PM

Soup restaurant?

I love good soup and wonder if there is a place in YYC that just does soup??
I ate at a place in Wisconsin that made 5-6 differant types & was only open for lunch, wish there was some place similar here.

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  1. I wish. I love soup too.

    There's a few places that have ok soup but usually only 1-2 varieties. Not including Vietnamese Pho places. Haven't found a really amazing soup place yet.

    1. I'd love a dedicated soup restaurant/cafe as well, but I'm not aware of one. I made 3 different soups last week to satisfy my soup requirements but that can get a little too labour intensive. It would be great if somebody would fill this void in the Calgary market place.....that's for sure

      1. Lazy Loaf and Kettle was always a good place for soup -- not 5-6 kinds a day but the real deal, not Sysco stuff. (I say was because I haven't been in awhile but I'm told they're still as good as always).

        1. If ramen is soup in your universe, go to Shikiji for the Chili Goma Ramen. Absolute killer.

          1. It's not quite a restaurant, but Fiasco Gelato food truck serves soups during the winter months in the "Souped Up" version of their truck. I haven't seen them out much lately though.