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Nov 23, 2012 03:49 PM

Upper Westchester/Putnam Vegan options?

Seeing a girl who only eats vegan, I dont know much about that life but I'd like to take her out to eat somewhere with regular food and vegan too. Anything around here? I'm in putnam county...looking for upper westchester, all of putnam, even danbury CT area. thanks everyone

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  1. Ethnic is sometimes the way to go to please both vegans and non-vegans-- if you go with an Indian restaurant, for example, there'd be plenty of options for both of you.

    Otherwise, off the top of my head... Umami in Croton is not my favorite, but it's good enough and cute for a date, and they cater to special diets pretty well. Birdsall House has several vegetarian options that are likely to have some non-vegan elements, but I'm sure they'd accommodate.

    Here's a link to a blog post from a former columnist from the Journal News who is vegan. Off that list, I can vouch for Sweetgrass, which I recently tried after a long time away (was very unimpressed at first, but I was happy I gave it another shot). Their sister restaurant, Tomatillo, probably has some vegan options as well. Zitoune is really fun and would be great for a date too, though it's not upper Westchester.

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      wow Tomatillo looks very interesting. Thank you!

    2. anyone with other suggestions please post :)

      1. I think Jewel of Himalaya in Yorktown would be a good bet (I really enjoyed our meal there).
        I think a lot of the vegetarian options would also be vegan, but you might have to check to make sure.

        1. I think someone told me that MTK Tavern in Mt. Kisco had some vegan offerings. I know that Haven in Pleasantville and Umami in Croton does. I really want to get to Haven and I've been to Umami many times and we always enjoyed it. Sorry I don't know anything in Putnam.

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            I 2nd Haven. I hadn't been in a while, and was really impressed with it when we went recently. They pride themselves on their creative vegan options.

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              I've never been to Haven but I have to agree with that suggestion as well based on what I've read on their website.

            2. I ended up going to Toro in Carmel, they have a handful of tofu dishes, it worked out great, I had the pineapple chicken special and that was amazing. Thanks for the suggestions, keep this thread going strong as I would love to expand my tastes to some Vegan dishes. One of the menus of a suggestion someone made mentioned vegan chili, very interested in that....and that place Tomatillo sounds awesome I am definetly going to try that, how I never heard of it is beyond me.

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                If you let us know about starting a thread in Home Cooking, I'd be glad to contribute some recipes I (not a vegetarian or vegan) enjoy that are vegan.