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Nov 23, 2012 03:32 PM

is it safe to simmer pho/soup overnight? And also a question about simmering in general

To begin with, I keep on getting different directions depending upon the person (in terms of whether it's low, or medium, or medium low). My mom says you should simmer pho broth on LOW heat, but based on some descriptions of "simmering", it seems like it would be a higher temperature, since simmering is apparently the point before boiling. On the other hand..if you go too high (even medium high) it would just end up boiling over time...So is low fine?

Also, I know there's a temperature range where it's safe for food to be in without the risk of bacteria multiplying. Would simmering on low overnight be in that range or is it risky? :o

Thank you

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  1. Bring it to a boil, then put it on low. It is not risky at all.

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      Absolutely right. The unsafe zone is 41-135 degrees. Since, as you point out, simmering is at or just below boiling, which is 212 degrees, you're plenty safe. Just make sure it really is simmering, not boiling, or your pot may boil dry over night.

    2. i would crockpot overnight but.. i can't picture leaving a stove on all night as I know I'd either get a crappy night's sleep because of worry or i'd lose all the liquid in the pan and burn the bottom. But I've never owned a top flight stove that simmers without the gas going out :-)

      I would run an oven all night however. I'm a worrier by nature.

      1. I simmer stock overnight all the time.....and I'm alive and well to tell you about. Have no worries.

        the only caution I can advise is to not cover tightly, as even with the lowest flame, the heat will build up to a boil. leave the lid loosely covered. The water line will barely move on the lowest flame when you wake up in the morning.