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Nov 23, 2012 03:29 PM

Tasty Gem in Port Townsend

I and a friend recently lunched at the Fountain Cafe in Port Townsend on a Tuesday afternoon (First choice was Sweet Lorette's which was closed that day.) Lucky for us!
The Fountain cafe is run by Carrianne Wilson, a delightful woman who has created a cozy place to enjoy on a winter afternoon. The food was thoughtfully prepared and presented. Everything was fresh and flavorful and satisfying. We had clam chowder that was delicious and a composed curried chicken salad on fresh greens, with cut veggies artfully arranged on the plate; the bread was freshly made and the whole experience was lovely.
I highly recommend you you try out this establishment.

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  1. I made my first visit to western Washington in 1990, in the dead of winter. A dinner at the Fountain Cafe remains one of my best memories of that trip, and one of the things that helped me decide that one way or another, I was moving here! I've been many times since then, and I have never had a disappointing meal.

    1. Hi, ljohaines:

      If you check the PNW board, you'll find a lot of love for the Fountain Cafe. I believe the Travel Channel picked it as one of the top restaurants in the region.


      1. Hello thank you for your nice comments. I think there has been a miscommunication, however, I am not the owner of this restaurant. I am one of the cooks. I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal, and hope you can make this correction for me. <3 carrianne