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Nov 23, 2012 02:54 PM

Pumpkin pie base froze out on the porch: help me rescue it?

My pumpkin pie recipe made WAY too much filling for my slightly slumpy crusts, so I put the extra custard in a bowl and put it out on the porch (the fridge was, uh, a little full) and then proceeded to forget about it until tonight. I took off the cover and lo and behold it was frozen :(

So now I have about 3 qts of uncooked custard that is full of icy shards. Can it be rescued for anything? If I thaw it out in the fridge, can I bake it, or has its chemistry been irreversibly changed?

Thanks for opinions and help!

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  1. Just let it sit on your counter till room temp, give it a stir, and it should be fine.