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Nov 23, 2012 02:43 PM

Eating at the bar in Napa/Yountville

Since the weather is so nice, my SO and I decided we should do a day trip to Napa tomorrow...
And since this is very last minute most of the better restaurants are booked for the times we want. I was wondering what good restaurants can we walk in and eat at the bar (around 6:30ish tomorrow)? It is hard to tell on the internet what restaurants have good sized bars with full menus/good bar menus...
Restaurants I am specifically interested in are:
Ad Hoc (my favorite)

Or I could get a standard reservation at Bouchon, Brix or Reddwood.

Btw, we ate at the bar at Redd one of the last times we were up there and it was great; it made me wonder what other restaurants have that option...


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  1. All of those are good options. And, since this is Thanksgiving weekend and folks are still dining on leftovers, you may find many reservations available. The bar option is always fun, but may not be necessary. I love Morimoto at the bar, love Brix at the bar, Ad Hoc may be better at the bar, Bouchon is always bar only. And so forth. What's great about Morimoto are the incredible visuals of food that you can get to see at the bar. It's an interesting crowd, and the food is, simply, phenomenal.