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Nov 23, 2012 02:31 PM

Old Mike and Nellies resto in Oakhurst..

I drove by the old Mike and Nellies resto...and noticed that another resto had opened in its place. All I
caught of the name was the second word :Luna. What is up with the place and has anyone been there??? I guess judging by the name it is Italian....

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  1. looks to be an offshoot of Nuova Luna from Toms River. Here's a link with menu...

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    1. re: mstrblstr

      Great. A new Italian restaurant for us here in the 'hood - can't wait.......

      1. re: JustJake

        Yes it is an offshoot of the one in Toms River, We ate there Friday night and really liked what we ordered. I had the mussels Nicolina, New Zealand mussels stuffed with
        ricotta and spinach. which was ok, but my main course "Fettuccine Nuova Luna" was wonderful. It consisted of goat cheese, and spinach in a white wine cream sauce with
        lobster, shrimp and crab.DH had their version of Bolognese with sausage and onion ragu.The inside was remodeled and quite nice.,

        1. re: Barbarella

          When you say remodeled are you speaking of from when it was originally Mike and Nelly's or remodeled from after they were on Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Ramsey remodeled the place for them?

        2. re: JustJake

          Couldn't agree more JJ- I let out an audible groan when I drove by and saw it was Italian. Yawwwwn

          1. re: stack_c

            Stack, I have nothing against the new owners (as per my facetious comment above). They're business people who have success down at their Ocean Co. location and see an opportunity to expand that concept. There's so much competition with the many storefront Italians (in strip malls already established & around him) that the 'differential' between his place and those that are well established with loyal clientele (Nick's/Wanamassa, Atillio's/Oakhurst & Industrial Way, Scarpettas/WLB, the 'Carmine' changeover in Allenhurst, to places like Jimmy's, Tuzzio's, Giaminis, Palumbo's etc (not to mention those places a bit on the higher end as I note their menu and some of their signature dishes)'s going to be tough, with that differential, or what will set their place apart from more established eateries going to be up to the dining public. I do like that they will be making their own pastas - that's a big plus but in the next breath, when we do go out, we don't gravitate to Italian (even the good ones around).

            Again, I do wish the new owners well - Just wish we could have been looking at a more 'green' Cali type (New American) eatery, Thai, Mediterranean (Lebanese, Moroccan) or a good Portugese, Iberian or even a good Greek alternative to the ones in LB.. Let's face it - the reason that there's so many Italian eateries is that Monmouth remains lily white. It's a known and safe cuisine - families can take their kids with a menu that's 'familiar and friendly'. I'd so prefer to have a greater diversity of eateries as they do above the Driscoll

            1. re: JustJake

              "Monmouth remains lily white?" Must not have walked down East Broadway in Long Branch or strolled around west Red Bank or Memorial Dr. in AP recently... :-)

              1. re: equal_Mark

                Mark, I do eat down on lower Broadway in Long Branch, as I also occasionally do eat on the West Side of AP (Jamaican, Latin) --- or downtown Bound Brook etc. which although not in Monmouth but is near work. I go where I can get good food - Italian can be had anywhere at anytime, anywhere and it's usually pretty decent.

                I stand by my comments and points made - Italian is 'friendly and familiar' and thus no risk for MOST Monmouth County residents - I'd like to see more ethnic restaurants about down here - you don't agree?

                1. re: equal_Mark

                  Ohhhh controversy I have to jump into this one……….

                  While it seems exception is being taken to the “lily white” comment as Mark pointed it out there is plenty of ethnicity among the Monmouth County population I do completely agree that from a dining perspective the ethnic or cultural variety of Monmouth county is not as proportionately represented. (was that politically correct enough)

                  My view on this is because Monmouth County as apposed to say Middlesex has a far poorer ethnic population. Take a town like Edison with its extremely high Asian/Indian population and you find a vast amount of higher end dining options geared towards those groups. I “assume” because most of the wealth in Monmouth County is accounted for by mostly “lily white” people the majority of dining is geared towards those tastes.

                  So in closing I would like to say I agree with both of you……and think you are both correct in your statements.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Agreed JrV, but the facts are the facts when one reviews the attached chart


                    We may not be as caucasian as say Hunterdon, but the facts are that our demographic produces a restaurant scene that is reflective of that majority demographic.