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What to do with extra pumpkins?

I have 4 medium-sizes whole pumpkins. I plan to make soups and even a facial peel cream out of it. What else can I make? Can I cut it up into cubes and freeze? Is it better to cook it first before freezing? Can I purée it raw and freeze? Or, again, do I need to cook it first before freezing?

I will roast the seeds for me and my hamster.

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    1. I've got a 10# orange pumpkin and a 20# pink (Porcelain Doll) to deal with. I've already got pumpkin vodka infusing from a previous, smaller pumpkin; I'll use some of these two for a pumpkin-bourbon.


      I'm going to roast or crockpot most of these two and package small in the freezer. Soups, pumpkin sauce for pasta. I will leave some cubes raw in case my friend REALLY likes his pumpkin booze gifts.

      1. Pumpkin and ricotta ravioli or crespelli with either a Gorgonzola cream sauce or brown butter with sage.

        1. Thanks for the tips. Crockpot and ravioli it is!

          1. DEFINITELY cook - whether by steaming or roasting - before pureeing & freezing. Do it raw, & you'll end up with a watery mess when you want to use it for something.

            1. I made a fantastic chicken and pumpkin chili. I also made a huge pot of chicken soup with pumpkin. With the same pumpkin I had also made a curry soup and a pumkin pie. One pumpkin down, two more to go.

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                For a whole pumpkin, I've tried a "citrouille magique", which is effectively a pumpkin stuffed with sweet potato chunks, pumpkin chunks, bread and a whole lot of cheese. It comes out as a thick soup.

                You could always see if a neighbor has a trebuchet lying around to see how far you can hurl one.

              2. When I was roasting mine for pie I thought that they'd be great cubed and tossed with olive oil, rosemary and whole and chopped garlic, then roasted.

                Also, I had leftover puree and stirred some into pancake batter, which was delicious, and thought it'd be great in muffin batter as well.

                1. cook them but be aware that many pumpkins, especially large ones are pretty flavorless and may need a lot of seasoning.

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                    I agree. Jack o lanterns make stringy, watery, tasteless pumpkin. You may get something worth eating if you cook it down a lot.