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Le Creuset collection.

Hi all! my LC addiction is getting out of hand! I'm looking for support from other LC fans that I'm not the only one with a huge collection! How many is TOO MANY?!?!

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  1. Hi, nbfoodie:

    This should gin up some interest...

    I've had many over the years, and IMHO, there are only two LC pieces worth paying for: (1) the 5.5L Dutch oven; and (2) the pate terrine.


    1. Dont feel bad...I have a similar Staub problem. I was able to stop at 4 pieces though...

      1. I don't know how many pieces of LeCreuset I have. don't want to hazard a guess.
        too many I do know that. but as they get well used and in a few cases abused (chipped, scratched, cracked, split) I give them up wherever, charity shop, tag sale.
        I'd rather they still be used albeit even if they're not perfect.
        I have many sizes and shapes.
        favorites are:
        3 1/2 qt
        5 qt
        7 qt
        15 1/2 qt Goose Pot
        ^^^which I've never used~too big for my kitchen sink but it's there for the day we redo this kitchen again or buy a new house with a huge barn sink.

        1. I have size 22, 24, and 26 rounds, size 26 and 30 skillets, and the large roaster, which I use mainly for crisps and cobblers in quantity and baked pasta dishes, as well as roasting a chicken on top of a pile of vegetables. I also like the au gratin dishes, which I use for smaller amounts of crisps, etc., and roasting some fish and veg for one.

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          1. re: Jay F

            did you get those numbers from inside the lid of your pots? I love how they say their numbers but I can't firgure out what that means in mine. no matter I just look up the sizes.

            I didn't list all my pots and pan sizes, just my favorites.
            there are too many to list, my hand may fall off before finishing typing.

            1. re: iL Divo

              It's the diameter in centimeters.

          2. Too many LC? Preposterous. The concept doesn't exist.

            1. Seems that this is your first post unless you've changed user name. Do a search and you'll find lots of threads from LC lovers, a year or two back they were frequent, not seen so many recently. And for the record I have a 3.5L braiser, a pate terrine and two, old and well used Coustances gratin dishes and have no plans to get any more.

              1. I think you may have too many when you need to place extra support beams because your kitchen floor started sagging from the weight...LOL. If you have the room, the money, and they make you happy, then go for it. It's no different from any other collection that has a good number of pieces in it. Enjoy!

                1. <How many is TOO MANY?!?!>

                  When the cost (finanical, spatial,...etc) starts to outweight the gain.

                  1. For me. Too many would be more than I use. I have 3. A 7.5 qt, a4.5qt and a 6.5 qt wide round DO. I use the 4.5 qt the most often and often wish I had a 5.5 qt too. For thanksgiving I use both the 7.5 and 4.5 ovens.

                    1. My enameled cast iron:

                      3 qt gratin
                      1 qt gratin
                      1 1/4 saucepan
                      2 1/4 qt saucier
                      7 1/4 qt round oven
                      6 3/4 oval oven
                      3 1/2 qt wide oval oven
                      4 1/2 qt round oven
                      3 1/2 qt brasier
                      5 qt brasier
                      11 inch rectangular roaster
                      9 1/2 inch tart tatin

                      6 Staub mini cocottes

                      I've been lusting after the goose pot, the 9 1/2 qt oven and the pate terrine for quite awhile.

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                      1. re: rasputina

                        I was about to say I have just one, a 3 3/4 qt deep, lidded saute purchased on sale. But then I remember I bought a 2 gratin set in matte black from Ebay that I use a lot for crisps and au gratin potatoes and oven roasted butternut squash. That reminded me I bought another gratin off ebay in red, just because it was red and I liked the other gratins so much. And then recently I bought a great LC cast iron casserole dish, never used, on Ebay for my daughter for $11.97 (in which she baked the Thanksgiving stuffing and it turned out superb with crispy edges). Oh, and there's the little bright blue skillet half of a combo pan set too, for serving hot dips or it just looks fun and special serving cheese and crackers. Maybe I'm in denial, or if it's purchased on Ebay, it doesn't really count?. At any rate they all perform better than expected and are used happily.

                        1. re: Cam14

                          If purchased on ebay doesn't count some of mine should be off the list LOL

                        2. re: rasputina

                          The 9 1/2 quart was my first LC about 4 years ago. I use it surprisingly often considering that there are either two or three of us here depending on whether daughter is home from school. I love making big amounts of things and having left overs. I bought a skillet and a 2 in 1 pot neither of which I use as often. Then I bought a griddle which I hardly ever use. My old beat up caphalon grill pan is so much easier to deal with. Wish I had saved on some of those and gotten a 5.5 quart f.o. instead.

                        3. I would be happy to take some off your hands :) I don't have any :( It's been on my Christmas list for 5 years but nobody has ponied up yet LOL