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Nov 23, 2012 01:58 PM

Cloudberry Jam (Hjortron)

Well, it appears that IKEA's Swede Store has stopped importing one of my favourite jams. Just wondering if anyone out there has seen this very rare and delicious berry or jam around town anywhere else?

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  1. Forbes Wild Foods makes a lovely cloudberry compote -- I enjoy it on toast as a jam.

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      I have bought Forbes cloudberry compote (I thought it was a jam, lol). Great compote and a great company that provides rare foods.

    2. You can get cloudberry jam directly from the source -- Dark Tickle Company in Newfoundland: http://www.darktickle.com/ They also sell other rare arctic berry jams. Cloudberry is known as bakeapple in Newfoundland and Labrador.

      On the other hand, Lakka (cloudberry liqueur) is very difficult to find. Only a few companies produce this: Laponia and Chymos from Finland, Rodrigues in Newfoundland, and Mondia in Quebec. As far as I know, none of these are imported into the US. I would love to know of any source of this liqueur here.

      Also, just to clarify the name of this wonderful berry: cloudberry, hjortron, lakka, bakepple, and chicoutai are all the same thing -- just being the common American (US), Swedish, Finnish, Newfoundland, and Quebecois words, respectively, for the fruit of Rubus chamaemorus.

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        I find Dark Tickle uses too much sugar so you lose the flavour of the berries. Forbes is much better. Bidgood's in Newfoundland also makes great bakeapple and partridgeberry jams.

      2. Found some on the shelf a few weeks ago at The Village Grocer in Markham. Unfortunately the Swedish brand Onos, which turned out to be too expensive (12.99! IKEA's is listed at 5.99) used too much sugar and left all the rather large seeds in the jam. Very disappointed.


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          the only problem is that ,even though its on their website, ikea does not sell it anymore. and its not in stock in any of their stores.

        2. ikea was going to be my suggestion <