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Nov 23, 2012 01:41 PM

Italian beef sandwich in YYC?

I'm curious if anyone is aware of an Italian beef sandwich spot in cowtown, similar to what one might find in Chicago?

Thinly shaved beef, sweet and hot peppers, giardiniera, and dipped in au jus if you like.

Any ideas?

*absolutely nothing against the cowtown beef shack but it's not exactly what I'm in search of

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  1. I had an Italian Beef from Portillo's every day while I was in Chicago last summer and I am very keen to find something like it in Calgary.

    Actually JJ, you mentioning Cowtown Beef Shack has got me thinking. He already has the thin shaved beef, the crusty baguette, the sweet peppers and the au jus... I can't imagine it would be too difficult to add giadiniera to the "extras" menu. Although it wouldn't be the real thing, it is not a bad facsimile. Every time I have stopped there for lunch he has been super friendly. I will ask him the next time I am there.

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    1. re: DeeDub

      Thanks Deedub,

      That's actually not a bad idea at all and it would be awesome if he'd be willing to make the addition to the menu. Failing that, I could doctor up a batch of giardiniera at home and throw some on the sandwich myself. Too bad it takes a day or two to make properly......I'd like to test out your idea this aft!

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        IIRC, The Italian Store carries a few different brands of jarred giardiniera

    2. You can't get this in Canada, period. You can't get it in almost any part of the US outside Chicago.

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      1. re: plateofshrimp

        actually they are abundant in phoenix

        1. re: tortue

          Um, I said "almost." I'm sure sunbelt cities with lots of Chicago area expats will have this sort of thing.

      2. The one and only time I had a proper Italian beef in Chicago made me realize that the average beef dip in Calgary is a pretty damn pale imitation of something great.

        We need to get some enterprising restaurateur to start doing these..;PROPERLY.

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          Chicagoan transplant living in Edmonton here. Just had my fill of Italian beef over the Christmas break in Chicago. All I can say is that Italian beef is not Italian beef anywhere else. As for getting some up here, Portillo's do sell packaged shrink wrap beef w/ the au jus. In the past, I have brought it on a flight by freezing the au jus and beef, then just carrying it on. This time though, I brought back Chicago deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's.