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Nov 23, 2012 01:31 PM

Lower east Side breakfast?

Can anyone recommend a breakfast spot for six on the lowe east side, nothing fancy, we used to really llike Veselka's but would like to try someplace new and interesting.

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  1. Is this for a weekday or weekend?

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      1. re: kipster

        Veselka is technically in the East Village BTW so I assume you're willing to go above Houston St.

        Most of the newly opened places that are interesting might seem fancy, so this request is a little tough. But Acme, Calliope, and Empellon Cocina are all fairly new and serve brunch.

      1. El Castillo de Jagua, big good inexpensive Dominican breakfasts on Rivington just west of Essex/First Avenue. Excellent Spanish coffee (that's what they call what's essentially a capuccino).