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Nov 23, 2012 01:13 PM

Oy!!! My 16lb rotisserie bird cooked in 2 hours!

Never heard of such a thing!

I had planned for 3hrs 45mins!

But when I checked the internal temp at 2 hours it was definitely there!
1 1/2 early................ At 4pm instead of 6!!

Since it was so large and rotated closer to the burner than a regular roast/bird (my built in gas grill says 17 lb max), I had lowered the infrared to med/low. I realized that the temp inside the grill was low .......<250...... so I turned on an indirect burner to very low which brought the inside of the grill up to 325.

Screwed up my whole rhythm for the night. All the sides had to be rushed and by the time we ate, the turkey was cold and dry!

I have had success with the rotisserie for thanksgiving before and have never had it cook so quickly.


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  1. Tough break... I had that happen when using a convection oven (for the first item). I coved the bird with foil then a big beach towel... It stayed moist and warm enough.

    1. I have the Ronco Rotiserrie and it does it that fast best turkey you have ever had

      1. Sorry about your luck, and I know we can't help now.... but if it ever happens again, wrap the bird in foil, then wrap in a couple of large towels. Place the bundle in a cooler, preferably one just large enough to accommodate the package. Your crispy skin may suffer a bit, but the turkey will be piping hot a couple hours later. Oh - if your cooler is normally stored in a cool place, fill it with some hot water first to preheat.