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What are your uses for homemade turkey stock?

Many years I just tossed the carcass, other years (including yesterday) I make stock. Using for soup, stew or to moisten other recipes are givens, but what else do you use the stock-of-gold for?

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  1. I like to use stock to make rice in, instead of water.

    1. I make a lot of stock from only the carcass's. I reduce reduce reduce. I start with three gallons of rich stock and end up with about forty or so concentrated ice cubes of stock in Zip locks. Easier to keep in the freezer and always ready to add a 'flavor bomb'.

      1. Everything. To make rice/grains, to make sauces, to steam veggies, soups and stews, braises, gravies, to poach poultry, as the liquid in all sorts of savory recipes. We have stock in something almost every day.

        1. Soups, veloutes, risottos, sauces, etc. Basically use in place of anything I would use water on the stovetop. Make rice with it. Tons of uses.

            1. Goodness. Anything & everything you'd use any poultry stock for.

              1. Ditto for everything- base for soup, spoonfuls for sautéed dishes, & if all else fails, broth for the puppies...

                1. I reduce it down and use it as a gravy base for the next turkey... there's never enough gravy. :)

                  1. I like 2 things about Thanksgiving ... turkey salad sandwiches and turkey noodle soup. I buy two 10 - 12 pound birds. About a week before the holiday I buy an oven roasted turkey. I could roast it myself but there is usually a good deal for buying these pre-cooked turkeys. I chop most of the meat and put them in ziploc bags for turkey salad and we start having turkey salad 3 or 4 days before the holiday. I use some of the meat and the carcass to make stock. I use that stock for my stuffing on the holiday. This fresh high quality stock makes a huge difference in the stuffing. On turkey day I roast the second bird in the Weber grill. Immediately after dinner I make more stock from the carcass. The next day I have turkey noodle soup from that stock.

                    Tomorrow, I will probably make up some more turkey salad. I'll have more turkey salad in a week or two.

                    1. The SO just requested turkey noodle soup with homemade Chinese-style wide hand-cut noodles. It will be so.

                      1. Well, I'm sorry but I must brag here that the turkey stock I made from our Whole Foods free-range turkey carcass has to be the most kick-ass ever!! I can't WAIT to use it in soups.

                        Put the cut-up carcass (it was a 20-pounder) into my stock pot along with one large unpeeled quartered sweet onion; 2 large unpeeled quartered carrots; 2 quartered celery stalks (leaves included); 1 whole head of unpeeled garlic, cut in half crosswise; 3 dried bay leaves; & 6 small whole dried hot chili peppers. Brought to a boil, then simmered for 2-1/2 hours uncovered. Strained out the solids, then simmered for another hour to concentrate a bit. I'm already drooling over it. It's good enough to enjoy on its own it's so flavorful!! And it's this absolutely lovely deep gold color.

                        Honestly - best stock I've made.

                        1. The other day I used it to make both onion soup (half turkey stock, half beef broth) and a pan of stuffing without making any poultry. Used frozen giblets in the stuffing. Mostly the stuffing will be as a side to plain chicken breasts but because I used up all the bread, I had no croutons when I wanted a bowl of the soup. Ordinarily I use crackers but the stuffing was right there.....a hunk of it in the bowl, covered with soup and shredded gruyere, then baked until the cheese bubbled. Woohoo!

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                            I used a quart of my turkey stock to make my variation of Julia Child's French Onion Soup Gratinee the other night as well. Used 1 quart of my turkey stock & one carton of chicken broth. Came out great.

                          2. RISOTTO, RISOTTO, RISOTTO...

                            Risotto is a good dish to make with the stock as well as using up leftover turkey. I make the stock with just the carcass(es) and water. The seasonings are added as the stock is used. Being rather forgetful, I don't need to remember which seasonings were used in making the stock. This method is so easy, and the stock is much better than water for risotto made with arborio rice. Risotto is also a good way to use leftover vegetables such as broccoli, peas, etc. as well as turkey.

                            1. I can mine and use it for anything that calls for chicken stock.

                              1. Gumbo. Turkey & andouille gumbo from homemade stock is amazing.