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Nov 23, 2012 12:18 PM

Fruit Salad...that doesnt include "an arm and a leg"

I need to make fruit salad for a Christmas Breakfast, alot of fruit salad..and I mean at least 25 lbs
any thoughts on combinations that make sense financially as well as overall taste. It is for a Christmas!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would use half plain / half vanilla yogurt, bananas, grapes and apples as the bulk. they will contribute lower cost per weight I think. Fresh oranges would be a time sink but you need that citrus to balance the other stuff. You'll have to skimp on berries. Right before you serve it toss it with a box of granola for added texture? Frozen fruit mixtures are expensive per lb so I would avoid.

      I'm all ears, but fruit salad is something I eat because I should not because I'm excited about it. I'd rather have a smoothie.

      1. Does it have to be one huge fruit salad? It occurs to me that you could cater successfully for different tastes by having about 3 different fruit salads, which wouldn't actually increase the prep time as you would be preparing the same amount of fruit.

        For example, you could have a 'creamy' fruit salad (such as suggested by e_bone) with yoghurt as the 'dressing' base, a citrussy salad of largely orange/clementine with a bit of bulking fruit if necessary (something like or, and something else depending on people's tastes.

        Obviously only you know how much extra work that will create and how much space you have for a few large bowls, but if it would have been decanted across several bowls anyway, it may be worth a thought

        1. I'm not sure what fruits are inexpensive in your area, or how much you're trying to spend per pound, but I just made a nice fruit salad of persimmons, grapefruit, and a big pomegranate for Thanksgiving. The thing I liked about it was that all the fruits could be cut up in advance--no worry of oxidation, like with apples and pears. I just added the zest of a lime and a little vanilla sugar before serving. The ripe persimmon, tart grapefruit, and crunchy pomegranate were a great combination of flavors and textures.

          1. 25 pounds? is this brunch for 100? i am being completely serious with this question.

            what fruit is reasonable and in-season for you, may not be the same as for me. i looked at grapes for my brunch tomorrow and they were $2.99 per pound. not cheap at all, so i passed, ya know?

            i like the idea of adding yogurt to stretch it, and am thinking perhaps a sort of trifle with pound cake, fruit and yogurt might present nicely. use different fruits for different bowls for contrast.