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Nov 23, 2012 12:17 PM

Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

I need to grab a 6 pack for a bday gift. Any ideas where I can find some?

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  1. I'd call Beer Revolution and Trappist.

    1. got some at whole foods market somewheres. probably all whole foods have them.
      oaktown has one near the lake. berkeley's at 3000 telegraph.

        1. Of course LEDGERS is the standard, but I recently saw some pretty interesting beers at STAR MARKET. I was neither actively looking for nor passively noticed the ELDER PLINEY, but it's worth a phone call if Plan A and B fall though, or they are closer.

          1. The Russian River website (they are the brewers) list these Berkeley/Oakland dealers who (should) stock it:
            Who knows how up to date their list is??? These are retailers and eateries:

            Arlington Wine & Spirits 295 Arlington Ave. Berkeley

            Bobby G's Pizza 2072 University Ave. Berkeley

            Chez Panisse 1517 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

            Ledger's Liquor 1399 Univeersity Ave. Berkeley

            Whole Foods 3000 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley
            Barclay's 5940 College Ave. Oakland

            Beer Revolution 464 Third St. Oakland

            Ben & Nicks 5612 College Ave. Oakland

            Cato's 3891 Piedmont Ave. Oakland

            Encuentro Cafe & Wine Bar 200 2nd St. Oakland

            Trappist 460 8th Street Oakland

            Whole Foods 230 Bay Place Oakland