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Nov 23, 2012 12:12 PM

Prix Fixe lunch deals?

Hey Chowhounds,

Here to rehashing a topic last talked about in 2010. Previously (several year ago), a lot of the best restaurant in town offered great 3 course lunches for a steal ($20-35?), do they still do so? I'm in NYC for a week or so in December and it would be a great opportunity to try some of the fancier restaurants where you would have to spend a lot more for dinner.

Can anyone help me out with some recommendations?


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  1. 2010?! No way; this is mentioned often on this board. Do some searches for:

    Jean Georges
    del Posto

    A search for "prix fixe lunch" shows some recent threads that will help:

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      Thanks thegforceny! I must have been searching for something else when I came across the 2010 thread and assumed that was what I had originally been searching for. Now to figure out what I WAS originally searching for... too many chowhound threads open...