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Nov 23, 2012 11:42 AM

Midweek lunch/snack recs in or near Bancroft?

I've never been there before. Any place in or near Bancroft that's chow-worthy for lunch? Looking for something on the more casual side and happy for even a great sandwich or something delicious to pick up and eat in the car...thanks.

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  1. Well, good luck with this. It is pretty much a chow wasteland unless I am missing some place. There is the Algonquin Cookhouse in Harcourt which isn't bad and I have heard that the food at the Martinwood on Elephant Lake Rd is good. Also the Olde Ridge barbeque is good if you can catch them when they are open. Both of these are also in/near Harcourt which is about 20 min. From Bancroft.

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        Hi MargieEv - thanks for your recs. Our timing ended up being such that we ate before heading out so we did the drive straight in both directions. We certainly didn't see much of anything en route. The one place that I would have liked to check out was Swiss Bear in Aspley - it looked inviting from the outside and seemed to have some good reviews online. Thanks again for your suggestions.

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          There is also the Apsley Country Bakery making sourdoughs in a small outdoor wood burning oven. Haven't been there myself, but I met the lady and she seemed nice. Imagine their volumes (and therefore availability) would be very limited, but it might be worth calling ahead to try and get a sourdough loaf fresh out of the oven !

          PS it is probably the only bakery featuring a picture of a rodent (chipmunk) on their website.

          1. re: PoppiYYZ

            The Swiss Bear has nice baked goods. The food is very hearty but not gourmet, despite attempts to offer vaguely a few Swiss options. The schnitzel isn't bad. Go in very hungry!

            The Apsley Country Bakery makes excellent wood oven baked breads and baked goods. The cookies are really yummy. The breads are quite heavy, but very tasty on their own. I wouldn't use them for sandwiches, as they might overwhelm the fillings, but as toast or fresh they are wonderful. My favourite is the seedy bread, followed by the grainy one. The hempy one isn't bad either. I'm less thrilled by their sandwich loaf, but that's just me. They can make buns, but only by special order.

    1. The fish and chip place in Bancroft (on the road to Canadian Tire) wasn't bad.