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Nov 23, 2012 10:45 AM

Great Fish Market near Providence?

How can this be? It's the Ocean State, right? Where is Providence's fantastic fish store? Whole Foods is expensive (and not always all that good) and the regular grocery stores have pretty scary fish counters, in my experience.

Where's the locally-owned fish market with good local fish? Or is there some grocery store tucked away that has a dependable fish counter? I am willing to pay for quality, and willing to drive half an hour or so (I am a Rhode Islander, after all-- I have my limits).

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  1. It will test the outer limits of your distance parameter, but I have heard great things about Fisherman's Martket in New Bedford.

    Haven't ventured there myself yet, but plan to do so soon.

    Easy shot down Rt 195.

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      Right off the boat Is Fishermans Market. in NB. only 40 min away. I have fished personally, work on it daily but for retail this place is excellent. another place is Anthonys Seafood in Middletown RI. Its the holiday season so expect to pay a bit more. Plus Fishemans in NB has Sand Dabs. Once you quick saute them beurre noisette with capers.

    2. Zeeks creek in Jamestown is seasonal....BUT has the best fresh fish. Always what is freshly caught. High quality - fresh fresh.

      1. I live in the east bay, RI. I just took a ride to the fisherman's yesterday. The market is in a seafood plant. They sell scollop's 4 ways. I buy the splits for around $6.00. You can also get scallop pieces for under $4.00 a pound. Check out there weekly price posting. I am always amazed at the price I pay and how much I get.

        PS: If you are making the trip, check out Sid Wainer & sons gourmet store warehouse Free food samples. Bring a coat in even in summer as 2 rooms (cheese and vegetables) are refrigerated.