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Nov 23, 2012 09:21 AM

Mission Pie - Walnut Pie! [San Francisco]

For last night's Thanksgiving Dinner ...... pies were from Mission Pie. The Walnut was the favorite .....nice blend of sweet ( but not too sweet ) and hint of bitter from the walnuts ..... well cooked crust
( under cooked crusts are too common ). Plus, they have a great mission statement.

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    1. At 7:30 Saturday evening, there were only four choices remaining for pie by the slice, but one was walnut. Warmed and served with a dollop of barely sweet whipped cream, its combination of fresh and crisp nuts, sweet filling, and crisp buttery crust was very nice. I'm not a fan of super-sweet sweets and often find pecan pies unbearably sweet (unless I make them), but this walnut pie was admirably restrained in sweetness.

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        I don't usually even like walnuts, and I think this pie is good!

        The banana cream pie at Mission Pie is also nice, although I don't really like the crust there all that much. I prefer the crust at Chile Pies, but I like the fillings (and the overall atmosphere and mission) at Mission Pie much better.

      2. The original comment has been removed