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Nov 23, 2012 08:17 AM

Just Finished Making Turkey Stock This Morning

I never allow any family member to discard the turkey carcass(es) after Thankgiving dinner. If my daughter has prepared the dinner, I take the turkey carcass(es) home, sometimes there are 2 of them. We had a smaller number of family members than usual at our house yesterday. Our adult grandchildren were elsewhere with current friends of the opposite gender. My wife bought a turkey breast, and our neighbors who don't like meat from the drumsticks and thighs donated them to us.

After removing as much meat from the bones, more than an unbelievable amount of stock was produced in a 5 quart stock pot. Like 3 and half quarts of it. It's now cooling in our huge winter refrigerator not far from the 2 cars.

No seasoning was an ingredient in the stock. Why? Because I am forgetful. Seasonings are added when the stock is used to prepare something...usually risotto which great for using up leftovers. Some of the meat gleaned from the bones will be used in ramen noodle soup flavored with soy sauce and hot pepper sauce.


Buon appetito! Vivi, ama, ridi e mangia bene (Live, love, laugh an EAT WELL),

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  1. I'm also a "collector" of turkey carcasses. The man volunteered to work today and I sent specific instructions that if they deep fry the remaining turkeys his work gifted to employees in the parking lot like they did last year (Costco is a client and delivered a truckload of turkeys to his work!) that he is to bring all bones home like he did last year and any unclaimed turkeys if no one else wants them. Even though we already have one in the frige that I need to cook today or tomorrow (will not fit in the freezer due to a rack that does not come out.)

    We can never have enough stock in this house. We use it almost daily.

    1. Yup, we are definitely going to use our turkey carcass for stock. We're actually roasting our turkey today so I'm looking forward to making and having stock tomorrow.

      1. I usually put my carcass in my 12 quart stock pot once dinner is over but I was so tired last night it went into a ziplock and then the freezer. No way was I up to canning anything today.

        1. Right now I'm reducing about three gallons of turkey stock down to about two quarts. This will be then reduced even further until I can use a few ice cube trays. Once frozen the cubes go into Ziplocks for use later.