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Nov 23, 2012 07:29 AM

Gourmet Dumpling House or Dumpling Cafe?

Which do you prefer and what are some favorite items??

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  1. I've been to each restaurant a couple dozen times and make my last minute decision depending on what I'm in the mood for... but overall I'm never disappointed by either even if I wanted to go to one and ended up at the other (usually it's when you try for GDH and the line is too long, or it's too late and they're closed, and you end up at DC).

    Hot and sour soup: Both have two of the best examples in the city, with the edge going to DC mainly because I don't like the carrots they put in the version at GDH.

    Twice cooked pork: The pork itself is very good at both, but the sauce at DC is more gloppy and therefore the clear winner is GDH.

    XLB: I agree with the pretty unanimous preference for DC's XLB, but to me the only real difference is the thinner skins. I find the filling at both places to be excellent.

    Shredded julienne pork with bamboo tips: Good at both locations every time.

    Beef with long horn pepper: Good at both locations every time.

    Sauteed snow pea leaves: Decent to good versions at both, but slight edge to GDH.

    Salt and pepper pork chops: Have had good and so-so versions of this dish at both places, the main variable being that once in a while you get a bunch of small pieces that are just globs of fat without a lot of meat.

    Clams with black bean sauce: Not good at either. Go to Vinh Sun for this.

    For specific things I haven't tried at both, DC has a good Taiwan-style fried chicken leg. You can get a noodle soup that comes with a side of this, too. The noodle soup itself is a little bland and watery so I'd stick with the chicken alone. DC does also have a great twin lobster with ginger scallion sauce that's usually around $18 and is great every time. When in season (everything but winter) the steamed crab and silk noodles in hot pot is really delicious. What else... the duck tongue appetizer is also good, as is the salt and pepper shrimp with heads, but the oyster pancake and the Szechuan style flounder were misses the one time I ordered each of these.

    I sadly have not tried the ma po tofu at either location.

    Meanwhile at GDH, the the Yu Hsian eggplant was delicious. I also surprisingly enjoyed the sweet and sour fish dish I had once.

    Hope this helps!

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      We went to DC a few nights ago. The Taiwanese Eggplant was fabulous, the veggie dumplings were just ok. Also had pan fried noodles w/ veggies which were good, and tasty scallion pancake. There was no line when we arrived around 6, but later on, we walked by GDH and they had a line.

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        Thank you so much for the reply and the time! I'm looking forward to trying GDH again (went once...dumplings arrived with a hair on top of them...haven't been back since!!) I'm hoping dumpling cafe will be what I'm looking for. I will try your suggestions!