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Nov 23, 2012 07:15 AM

2012 Thanksgiving Leftovers

I love a good plate of traditional Thanksgiving food, and usually will eat a plate every day or every other day for lunch or dinner for weeks, but not everyone in my house is into the same food over and over simply served up on a plate or all mixed together in a bowl (my favorite leftover meal) and would like some reinvention of the leftovers. Any good Thanksgiving leftover recipes this year?

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  1. Leftover turkey is used for hot browns in our house.
    Gravy, dressing and pieces of turkey with a little chicken stock is mushed together and baked for Southern Turkey Hash.
    And Turketti is a fave!

    1. We love tetrazini with lots of mushrooms. Also fried stuffing fritters with an egg on top, and a dollop of gravy, for breakfast.

      1. Turkey enchiladas is the usual redo here.

        1. See my post about turkey stock...

          1. Though I simply saute as patties rather than crumbing and deepfrying, I like "croquettes" made from leftover turkey, gravy, dressing, onion, egg, and sometimes mashed potato or sweet potato. Bung it all into the food processor save for the onion, which I slice into paper-thin rings on the mandoline, because then when I stir it into the mixture, the onion provides a matrix to hold the patties together. After removing the cooked patties from the pan, cook minced onion or shallot in the drippings, then add a white roux and light cream, plus a little gravy. This should be more of a cream sauce than a gravy.