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Moving to Edgewater... [CO]

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I'm moving to Denver's Edgewater neighborhood (though I guess it's really a separate municipality) at the start of next year. What do you guys recommend in that area? I've enjoyed the pizza at the Edgwater Inn and I hang out at the Lakewood Grill quite a bit, but I really don't know the options beyond that.

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  1. US Thai is one of the only Thai places in town (that I've found) that will bring the heat, and don't cloy everything down with lots of sugar.

    I like GB's Fish and Chips, but can only handle that much fried occasionally. And the fries (chips) themselves are (I think) pre-cut frozen. But there are lots of fried seafood options, when you have that craving.

    And you're close to Casa Bonita, which is a bonus. :)

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      I'm actually really unironically excited about being close to Casa Bonita. I haven't managed to get there yet, but now I won't have an excuse. I can't wait!