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Nov 23, 2012 06:46 AM

Knife question for butchers

Hello all,
A good friend recently was hired as a professional butcher. I'd like to get some great knives to start her out and am willing to drop some cash to accomplish that goal, but as I'm not a butcher myself there's a good chance I'll get her the wrong thing in terms of either quality or usefulness. I'm still doing all the requisite research (including searching through the many knife-related posts on the chowhound boards!), but there are two questions I haven't been able to answer so far:

1) Is this even a good idea? I understand that buying knives is a pretty personal thing -- especially if they're going to be used professionally -- given the peculiarities of weight, handling, etc., so it's entirely possible that buying knives for someone else is a bad call.

2) Any butchers out there have any insight into what would be most practical for someone just starting out in the profession?


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  1. The Forschner Fibrox series are the defacto standard with meat cutters.

    Certainly there are other makes and differing qualities and preferences but all meat processors and butchers have used them and know them.

    For example

    As you can see the blade shapes are not typical home kitchen types.


    1. I do not believe this is a good idea at all.

      Knives are hand-tools and yours are not the hands that will be using them and using them every day all day long.

      Got me a nice set of Snap-On tools? Man, they're great tools - too bad I prefer matte finish Proto tools.

      1. How about a nice scabbard? Or a really nice benchstone?

        1. A KNIFE CARRIER , ROLL , BAG.......luggage for knives and or
          KNIFE BLADE GUARDS ..... covers,protectors

          Some thing he will need no matter what.There is a lot to choose from,starting with a GOOGLE search.You don't want a bag capable of lots of knives and stuff.You do want a bag etc that CAN pack 17" to 18" knives,full length,blade + handle and a place for cleaver and slip on knife guards are always welcome.

          1. Butchers tend to use specialized knives and the kind she'll wind up using may depend a lot on who's training her and how she's learning to butcher. There are a couple different schools of thought on the matter, and I can't say which one she'll subscribe to. I personally really love honesukis, which would be a unique gift, but there's a good chance she would never wind up using it professionally.

            An alternate suggestion:
            Anyone who uses knives much can benefit from really good sharpening instruction, and those videos are pretty in-depth.

            I also like the idea of buying her a knife roll and letting her fill it with her own choices.