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Nov 23, 2012 06:05 AM

Cooking Terminology and Usage: Stew vs Braise vs Pot-Roast

I was just looking at this old Beef Cuts Chart and noticed that they have 3 different notes for meat to
Braise or

Which seemed odd to me. Whats going on with that chart?

Isn't "To Braise" more a method.

To Braise - being to cook slowly in a liquid that becomes the sauce and reduces while cooking.
(as opposed to Poaching, where you cook in a liquid that is not really part of the dish. - although it could be reduced later to make a sauce).

Then both a Stew and a Pot-Roast (US only) are different types of braised dishes - the distinction being based on whether you cut up the meat before or after cooking.

Although what do we call a Pot Roast in the UK? Do people even make Pot Roasts in the UK often?

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  1. You are right that BRAISING is a method: cooking low and slow in liquid in a covered vessel.

    STEW can be both a method which is very similar to if not the same as braising and a type of fish: beef stew, pork stew made using technique of the same name. Stews usually involve chunks of meat and vegetables.

    POT ROAST is a dish that is made by braising a whole roast of beef.