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Sarnia and surrounding area? There must be some places worth visiting!

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I'm in Sarnia and the surrounding areas (petrolia, corunna etc.) on business for a couple days starting Sunday evening. I searched the boards but couldn't find anything remotely new on anything around there.

I don't mind driving a bit out of the way for good eats. Price and atmosphere aren't important- it's all about the food for me( plus is on the company card soo.. yay!)

Can anyone recommend the best the are has to offer- in any type of food?

I need breakfast lunch and dinner suggestions- I'm needy.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Salvatore's Trattoria E Ristorante - is it good? it sound right up my alley.

    1. It's probably not really what you're looking for but if you want a good Diners, Drive-ins and Dives kind place, Harry's Family Restaurant.

      1. It's a tough area for chow. Most recommendations end up steering people towards the Grand Bend area, which is pretty far. Stay away from Petrolia, it's a culinary wasteland. (Also, it's populated entirely by mouth-breathing troglodytes)
        One thing that I do miss about Sarnia, is it's got some great family run pizzerias. If you're into the Sicilian style anyway. Sisio's comes to mind. If you're thinking pizza, I might be able to come up with a few other recommendations, but it's been a long time since I was in the area.
        And of course, hit up Purdy's for sure, it's great. A lot of fancy restaurants in Toronto get fish from there.

        1. Just remembered, we had this discussion earlier, check this out:

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            Thanks for linking me to the post, there was a few recs. in there. Has anyone eater at the Sideways grill? or do you have some pizza recommendations?

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              I have family in the area so I have a few recs. For Salvatore's I really like their fresh pasta - usually stop there on my way back to Toronto and buy some. They have a little storefront next to the restaurant where you can buy pasta. The pasta needs to be eaten within about 3 days, so it's super fresh. I've eaten inside the restaurant - it's fine, but I prefer to take out.

              Other recs - Albert's fries under the bridge are the best, but I believe they are open only seasonally and are likely closed until the spring.

              Global Donuts have the BEST donuts - far superior to Tim Hortons. Go to the location on London Line.

              And if you want a simple sandwich/soup lunch, my in-laws swear by the restaurant inside the gas station at The Leaky Tank, the gas station between Corunna and Sarnia. Cheap and cheerful.

          2. When in the area, I always end up across the bridge in Port Huron for at least one meal, eating great low-brow fried chicken at either Palm's Krystal Chicken-in-the-Rough or The Chicken Shack with their crazy shack potatoes http://www.chickenshack.com/menu.php :-) They also have some great seafood, if you ask what's freshly caught.
            My brother (even more low-brow) also makes me bring him a big sack of White Castle sliders in a tip-of-the-hat to nostalgia and his days in NYC/NJ :-)

            1. Great rec's so far. Thanks. I think we have the days covered.

              1. So all the places I was planning at eating tonight (Sunday) are closed. Is anything with good food open tonight? I'd love an amazing quality burger that uses local ingredients or even a great quality pizza. Also open to anything else.

                Thanks in advance for any help last minute.