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Nov 22, 2012 09:52 PM

Roasted chicken noodle soup without stock?

I want to make chicken noodle soup this weekend. i plan to roash a whole chicken and then use it for soup. (curious about a difference in taste) I don't have stock and I really don't want to buy them because I'm kinda over budget for the month. I'm wondering if I can just pop the entire roasted chicken in a pot and use it to make soup instead of adding chicken stock. Or should I just forget about roasting it and make a normal stock with a whole chicken? I'm worried about the taste of the meat. I guess I could just not boil the meat, but then in worrie about the soup not tasting like chicken. Any suggestions?


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  1. I've done that before, and it worked well. I roasted the chicken, took off as much of the meat as possible, then made stock from the stripped carcass. After making the stock, I strained it, and rescued any useable bits of meat that had come off while the carcass simmered. From that point on, you can make your soup as usual. I bet it will be delicious!

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      this -- because otherwise you'll end up with mush instead of chicken.

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        +1 on KG's method. Don't waste the (roasted) meat by putting the whole bird into the pot to make stock & soup. And while at that, whatever bits of meat you do use to make the stock with, use the darker bits where possible, they always have more flavour.

        One other way to maximize the soup stock flavour is to gently "roast" (browning + low-mid temp sauteeing) the bird in the large soup pot beforehand. By keeping the same pot to make the stock later, you keep the fond from the chicken roasting in the stock which adds some depth of flavour.

        These days with the cold temps I tend to "├╝mami" my soups by sauteeing my mirepoix with a wee bit of tomato paste *and* few drops of soy sauce, really get those glumates out and into the soup stock. That combined with the fond from sauteeing the chicken later really kicks my soup flavour up a notch (or how Emeril used to say "BAM !!!").

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          Oh thanks Lotus, that sounds like a good idea too. When you say brown the bird in a large pot, do you continue to just cook the chicken that way or do u stick it in the over after u get the initial sear?

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          thanks KGill! I'm glad it will work out

        3. You might try 'poaching' the whole chicken. VERY low temp: 180-190 until the meat is cooked. It could take a few hours. Remove the bird and remove all the meat. Break up as much as possible the carcass and put back in the pot to simmer for another couple of hours. If you never boil the stock/soup it will stay nice and clear. Please don't add any celery. No other veg. except some green onions and a bay leave. No S&P. Veg in stocks/soups are 'flavor sponges. If you want cooked veg in the soup/stock steam some and add before serving and that's also when to adjust with S&P. With this mother stock if you haven't added any meat or veg until serving it's more versatile. You can reduce it to make a demi glace for instance.

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