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Nov 22, 2012 09:34 PM

Saint Bart's dining

I would like to hear an update on the dining options in Saint Bart's. Particular recommendations appreciated for fun, casual dining and of course places with a touch of romance. I can live without the formal dining experience - if its even on offer there. As a yardstick I'd put Blanchards in Anguilla as my "ideal" Caribbean restaurant...

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  1. Don't miss Le Carre' d'Or - right next to Cartier. It's new. Chef/owner Franck Mathevet (remember when the Wall House used to be good? That was him.). Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really, really great food. Very pleasant indoor/outdoor seating. Don't miss dessert. Lovely cocktail list. Not only some of the best food on the island but a dining experience that will be memorable compared to many fine restaurants. Don't miss Andy's Hideaway - still consistently good. Skip Nikki Beach (ugh!).

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    1. Have you been to St Barth before? There is a wide range of dining options. We like Santa Fe, Le Repaire and Eddy's for more casual restaurants. Andy's is fun and low key. We also mix in more expensive places, but they are hardly "formal." Eden Rock, Le Gaiac and Maya's wave amazing food but still that beachy feel. Have a great trip!