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Fran's Salted Caramels

I was recently introduced to Fran's while in Seattle. I know I can always order from their site, but in case of last minute cravings - can I find their salted caramels in LA? Hoping to find the answer before I head back to LA tomorrow with a carry on stuffed to the brim with chocolate:)

I looked through some of the older posts but those replies are outdated and don't include the caramels.


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  1. Only in the Seattle area, I'm afraid. I make people bring me some back whenever they go!

    1. You found Fran's :).

      Wow, do I miss her place(s). Yes, Bristol Farms. It's where I buy mine.

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        Bristol Farms definitely has them. I have seen them in the candy aisle and in the checkout lines.

      2. In the past, Whole Foods has carried Fran's salted caramels. As well, check Gelson's, too.

        1. I see them at different Gelson's regularly. They are usually in a gourmet candy display, not in the candy aisle, so you may want to ask if you don't see them.

          1. http://www.crackcaramel.com/
            these are sold in a few places here in LA.
            pretty good.

            1. btw, Bequet Caramels has salted caramels which blew my mind. You can order them online, or Joan's on Third sells them. A-MAZING!!!


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                It is nice to know how REALLY good these Bequet Caramels are. Last year I ordered some as a gift. I called them for some guidance with my order and they were very nice and helpful. I would order from them again just based on their great customer service!

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                  I second this suggestion. Easy to order in bulk on-line. The other flavors are ok, but the salted ones are fantastic.

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                    +1 on Bequet, their addictive salted caramels and their great customer service. I made an order last summer which they upgraded to overnight shipping free of charge, since the summer heat would wreck the caramels if they took longer to arrive.

                2. Thanks for all of the suggestions and information! It's probably dangerous knowing that they're available here without much planning or thought or having to order from the website.