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Nov 22, 2012 07:40 PM

Where to eat Christmas night in San Antonio?

Anyone know what's open Christmas night? We ate at Hung Fong in Alamo Heights last year and the place was jammed! We were staying at the Menger and wanted something other than hotel food so started driving north on Broadway looking for something that was open.

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    1. re: rexster314

      Most likely you have no replies because none of the few locals active here have recomendations for you. We have not dined out on the 25th in more years than I care to remember. I would presume several places do a Christmas day buffet (link to below) but not sure how many extend into evening hours. Of the 11 places listed on OpenTable, I'd vouch for Sustenio and Luke (yes, they're in hotels-but it's not your ordinary hotel dining. 7:00:00 PM&scpref=114&fsr=1

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          Not sure if you've finalized your plans but just saw 20nine is having a Xmas night dinner.

    2. Well; you might check with SA Current magazine on line, to see if they have anything on places open Christmas.You can also go to the website for the San Antonio Express-News.Check out their food section;as it may list some places.Me ;I'm just going to H.E.B. and buying either jumbo scallops and some salmon pinwheels stuffed with seafood dressing;or heading to H.E.B.Central Market on Broadway and pick up one of their prepared dinners for two the day before. Since it's just me, I can always eat the leftovers.