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Nov 22, 2012 06:56 PM

ISO: Chinese Delivery NOW (Thanksgiving Night) Wakefield

This is an impossible request, but I thought I'd put it out to you my fellow Chowhounds. (If it exists, someone out there will know!)

My son works nights & missed our Thanksgiving celebration since he was so dog-tired (gf felt bad for him & let him sleep). Well, right now, they have nothing in the house to eat (with a 6 yr old) and he's been trying to find a Chinese restaurant that is not only open right now, on Thanksgiving night, but who'll deliver to their Wakefield apt.

Since they get no cell reception in their little apt, he asked me to call places for him & text any finds to him. So far, I'm coming up with nothing... it's so frustrating, because now that we're both car-less, he can't take any of the piles of food I have here, not to mention the rest of OUR Chinese delivery from last night. And although it's off topic regarding my request, giving a big happy review for Tiki In Restaurant for standard American Chinese delivery right here in Watertown - we were VERY happy with our order (huge amt of food, not greasy, just what I needed!)

Anyway - if any of my CH family knows of a Chinese restaurant that delivers & is open really late on this holiday, let me know. I think they're going to go to bed hungry tonight, sad to say...

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  1. I wish I had a car and could deliver myself! Checked foodler and Lucky Star in Medford is listed as being open till 12:30am tonight for delivery and delivering to parts of Wakefield. Can't say anything about the quality of their food though. Nothing else shows up for Wakefield. Any hotel restaurants near their home? Good Luck!

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      Called them - they don't deliver to Wakefield. Thanks for your heartfelt wish, though, azra!! I feel the same - I have SO much food here - no reply fr my text message to son yet. They'll prob get some junk food & just watch TV. Tomorrow is around the corner. Kudos to his gf for putting his well-being above turkey dinner, though - he's had a lot of upper resp. infections lately & hasn't been feeling well this wk.

    2. I once tried to pick up Chinese takeout on Thanksgiving for a friend recovering from surgery and had no luck. I'd go with Azra's suggestion of a hotel restaurant.

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        That's a good idea! Will let you know if I come up w/anything!

        1. re: threedogs

          Well, best I could do was to text them & tell them to get over here tomorrow for lots of leftovers. Working nights throws him all off balance with the rest of the world (and family, at times like this).

          Guess one of the things we Chowhounds can be thankful for would be the people who work in the food (and beverage) industry, with the long, odd hours!