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Nov 22, 2012 06:28 PM

Thanksgiving disasters

Happy thanksgiving. Yesterday I spent 2 1/2 hours making a beautiful sweet potato souffle for today's feast. My mother finally agreed the marshmellow sweet potatoes had to go. (although I was asked to make a small casserole of it for my dad) I roasted the potatoes, toasted a pecan topping, lovingly whipped and sweet talked those taters into a thing of beauty. 1 hour before we were set to leave, I took dog A out without a leash. She proceeded to run and frolic through the woods, so I was outside about 5 minutes. Upon re-entering house I found sweet potato creation upside down on the floor, and Dog B, greedily licking out the last few morsels...fortunately she didn't touch the tiny casserole of marshmellow potatoes that were still in oven. So, i had to show up at my perfectionist, unable to relinquish control moms house (whom I love dearly) with this teeny tiny marshmellow covered sweet potato dish, and sheepishly tell her what had happened. So tell me, what's your greatest thanksgiving day disaster.

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  1. The 'juicy turkey' recipe that everyone is raving about on Allrecipes, the one where it's unbelievable and falling off the bone and you can't overcook. I must be the one person who screwed it up, b/c it was dry and horrible. LIke crumbly, steamed meat horrible. I took it as an opportunity to ask who really likes turkey anyway and found out, no one is really that crazy about it so I may try something different next year. Like reservations!!

    1. I think I mentioned this event on the IL thread - a couple of years ago, Mr. CB decided to cook a pan of yams and extra stuffing on the grill. The disaster was that he filled the yam pan to the point of overflowing with maple syrup. The maple syrup boiled over and the grill burst into flames. MIL started screaming. Mr. CB ran of the house and chucked the whole mess into the yard. Thankfully there was about a foot of snow on the ground that year.

      1. Many years ago, I was making dinner for the SIL and family. I had painstakingly prepared the turkey and when I pulled out the oven rack to baste the turkey, it slid out of the oven and across the kitchen floor. Oh the horror. All my juice went out as well! So I picked up the turkey, put it back in the pan and continued to roast (through mounds of shed tears). However, the saving grace, I had stayed up till 2:00 in the morning mopping and waxing the kitchen floors after everyone else was asleep. They were so clean you could eat off them! By the way, did you know you can make gravy out of blended stuffing???? It makes for a good laugh these days!

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          Omg :). Every time I've roasted a turkey and opened the door to baste I've worried about the scenario you're describing. Pulling the rack out to baste it, it's just so easy to have it happen.
          I'm a clean freak with my floors in the kitchen....must be because, intuitively, I know the possibilities.

        2. My brother and his dog joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. He gave his dog what he thought would be a treat for her and fed her a big dish of turkey skin leftovers. The fat overwhelmed her kidneys and she passed away that afternoon.

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                Wow. That had to be a lot of skin? I have heard of heart disease and diabetes
                in pets from excessive feeding of animal fats, but not outright death due to one feeding. I realize this is not a dog board by this is kind of shocking (not to mention very sad).

                1. re: Dax

                  So very sad indeed.

                  I was at the vet a few years ago and they were consoling a woman on the death of her elderly basset hound. Somehow he got her holiday roast off the counter, ate the the whole thing and died. They did think it resulted in a heart attack, not the ingesting of meat but they cound not be sure.

              2. My first Thanksgiving was just about ten friends. I was thrilled that I got a free turkey and made fresh green bean almondine, parslied potatoes stuffing and gravy. I was not a favorite of my mil at the time and asked her when to know when the turkey was done. She told me to wait til the meat on the drumsticks pulls away from the bone. I served turkey flavored sawdust. Now her turkey was always perfect and i know she did that to spite me as she was very giddy during dinner. Oh well. I was all proud to say "hey this is my first turkey and I made the whole meal for 16$ for seven people with leftovers". It took a smidge of the wind from her sails. Never let them see you sweat.