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Nov 22, 2012 05:59 PM

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan: Wicked Spoon

My questions:

1) Does the Wicked Spoon serve French macarons for brunch?

2) Does it serve king crab legs for dinner?

3) Should I choose Bellagio's buffet over the Wicked Spoon for dinner?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. For questions 1 and 2, I suggest you phone and ask. Bellagio has better cooking, Wicked spoon has a more interesting menu. I went to Bellagio and Wicked Spoon a couple months ago. I wish Wicked spoon had prepared their offerings better because the service and ambience is so much better than Bellagio. Bellagio had simpler food but it was done much better. Unfortunately, Bellagio was a mess, a crowded, dirty, trailer trash shit show. I wont go back.

    1. heard good things about the ceasars new buffet, like they prepare alot to order, and small portions as opposed to trays of stuff sitting around, not sure about crab legs, or macaroons however i also heard that recently the price went up, and they downsized the dining area, not sure if this still holds true