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Nov 22, 2012 05:33 PM

Charcuterie and Cocktails

In Manhattan with family for the weekend and my husband and I are roped into early kid friendly dinners. We've decided to treat that as just a "snack" and still experience the NYC scene after. Any suggestions for the following: restaurants with good charcuterie, nice restaurants that have a great bar to get a drink and apps, speakeasy type places for cocktails, good wine bars?  We're staying in Chelsea and are interested in going out in Chelsea, Greenwich, Soho and TriBeCa. Thanks!

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  1. Charcuterie / Salumi


    Cocktail places

    Death and Co
    Milk and Honey
    Pegu Club

    For more detail you may wish to conduct a search on the board (upper right hand corner)

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      Despana will probably be closed after dinner time, though.

    2. Seems like you are excluding the East Village? The EV has a ton of great bars and restaurants and much of what you seek.

      Il Buco Alimentari
      DBGB - related to Bar Boulud
      Momofuku Ssam for country hams

      If you did yourself on the Upper West Side, try Salumeria Rosi or Bar Boulud.

      Great bar dining:

      Best cocktails:

      Note that Lani Kai has closed.

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        oops, i wasn't intentionally excluding the east village. would love to hear any recos you have there too. thanks!!!

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          Follow the links I provided above for info. Speakeasies style bars in Manhattan include PDT, Death & Co, Little Branch, Raines Law Room, Experimental Cocktail Club, etc. But just note that we have many great cocktail bars and they're not all speakeasies, such as Pegu Club, Pouring Ribbons, Mayahuel.

      2. Here's a very good wine bar. Yes, the wines here are truly good and well thought out, especially as the bars are owned by a true wine geek and a bi bonus if you like riesling. The food's no slouch either, as the other owner is an excellent chef as well.

        Terroir Wine Bar

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          PLUS 1

          Very good charcuterie at terroir, as well as eclectic wine list and earnest, friendly staff.

          If only staying west, visit their tribeca location - much larger too.

        2. The original comment has been removed