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West End Foodies

Hey all
I've lived in the West End for some time, and while I have a few favourites I am always looking for new places to try that come highly recommended. We eat all over town, but sometimes it is nice to have some new options within walking distance.

Currently we often frequent La Brasserie on Davie and Espana on Denman, and when we are in a sushi mood we usually hit up Denman Sushi (used to be Shima Sushi). I've tried many of the little shwarma places around, and while many are pretty good none have seemed outstandingly good.

Up market we like Cin Cin and Le Crocodile, and bakery wise I have developed a great affection for Chopain on Davie.

Legendary noodle is pretty good, but it has been hit and miss a few times.

What other places are West End Foodies hitting.

Would love to hear all about it.

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  1. I don't live in the WE, but I do like the ramen at Santouka.

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      Miko also worthy for straight up sushi and yakitori offerings. Don't bother with the set lunchy things -- they are okay but not the forte.

      Second Santouka big time, for the toroniku, drool. Really hot in there so dress accordingly and prepare to wait in line unless you go at off times.

      Guu with Garlic is fun but has seemed a bit off the last couple times I've been. Zakkushi has been very consistent for us lately.

    2. Santouka and zakkushi are go-to places for me too. Kingyo is also tasty, of course

      1. Not the best Korean I've ever had, but I always enjoyed Norboo when I lived down that way.

        1. Havent been to Espana, all the comments have been on the positive ledger. What do you like at Espana?

          There are no shortages of decent to solid places in the WE. Though I havent found any consistent decent asian noodle(ramen excluded), in the WE.

          I tend to agree with the suggestions of santouka, guu, zakusshi. Find most of the Korean to be hit and miss, including Norboo.

          I didnt mind Coast, Nook, Ma Dang Goul, Lanna Thai, Banana Leaf, Babylon Cafe, Empanadas, Kadoya the times I was there. Nothing stellar.

          1. Raincity Grill is always a classic for higher-end dining. I noticed (too late!) that they were doing takeout fish and chips during the summer, something to try next year.

            I'm currently obsessed with Zabu Chicken - www.zabuchicken.com - at 1635 Robson St.

            You basically go there for the Korean-style chicken and nothing else. They triple-fry it, and douse it in either salty or spicy sauce, and it's absolutely delectable. The hot sticks (spicy drumsticks) are a huge favourite at any social gathering I've brought them to. There is definitely a bit of a wait for the chicken, since it's an elaborate process to prepare it, and I'm pretty sure it's all done a la minute. But it's so worth it! Just suck it up and watch the K-pop videos for 20 minutes (or bring a good book).

            1. Maybe slightly off topic but someone at UD reports La Brasserie is for sale.

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                Anne - say it's not so!!!!!! La Brasserie is my go to local. *Scared*

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                  Indeed, 'tis so

                  They've been so consistently satisfying, here's hoping it stays so.

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                    Oh that really is too bad. I love La Brasserie, I wonder why they have decided to sell. Either way, perhaps the new owners won't fiddle with it.

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                    So it seems the former owners of La Brasserie are opening Pizza Fabrika on the 1600 block of Robson (this via Scout: http://scoutmagazine.ca/2014/05/07/di...


                    I've noticed the sign in the window for a while and wondered who/what it was all about.

                  3. Has anyone been The Buck Stop? I have heard mixed reviews.

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                      We have been to Buck Stop several times. I am torn. I want it to be great and I love that it's in the neighbourhood - and I know that Vancouver is lacking the BBQ category. But the reality is that it's not as good as I want it to be. The brisket and pulled pork are good enough. The beef ribs and smoked chicken are decent. But the pork ribs - the only must for me at barbecue - are not awesome (ribs should be smokey and succulent; these are kinda dry). And the cornbread - not awesome. And they don't have biscuits. Those are real misses for this style of place.

                      On the plus side they have good drinks (and drink specials), the staff is friendly, it's a warm room that is open late and they have a nice variety of menu items so you can go with people who don't necessarily want a huge platter of meat and they will not be forced to eat beans for dinner.

                    2. Looks like La Brasserie is closed, or at least it has been dark the last few times I've gone by that way on the bus. Anyone heard anything?

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                        Ouch. Kicking myself for not trying their super tall burger.

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                          The people who took over the place made some bad decisions, BOH staff pretty much bailed, I don't foresee good things

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                            Ya sounds like it was an ugly one. There is one yelp review that outlines the night the kitchen staff all walked out.

                            1 star review - http://ow.ly/CRFsv

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                              Interestingly while I was googling for information I found this page that suggests they will be reopening the street cart on 13 November: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/la-brasserie-s...

                              Sounds like not much good will come of that attempt.

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                            Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. Really too bad as it used to be great, but it seems like the new owners really did a number on it.