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Nov 22, 2012 03:12 PM

Best Asian grocery store?

Hi everyone,

Moved to the area from the Midwest about a year ago and have been eating my way through Philly ever since--love the diversity and quality of the dining options here. So far, I've only been lurking on Chowhound, but would appreciate some recs for a good Asian grocery store.

Ideally, would like one with a good representation of products from various Asian countries, particularly Southeast Asian ones. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Where in the Philadelphia area are you?

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    1. re: cwdonald

      I actually live in lower Bucks county but would be happy to drive to anywhere within, say, a 30-minute radius of Center City. Should also mention that I've been to the Hmart in Levittown and the Asian Food Market in Plainsboro, NJ, but figured someplace in Philly might have a better selection.

      1. re: msiangal

        What are you not finding at Hmart that you are looking for? In the Montgomeryville area you have Assi which is similar to Hmart. Very good produce selection, large variety of fish and meats and lots of japanese, korean and chinese frozen foods. Their indian selection is not that good. There are several Indian groceries in the area as well with several in Bensalem and one on 309 in Montgomeryville.

    2. I don't know if its better than HMart, but the supermarket near 3rd & Oregon is the best one of the Southeast Asian ones in South Philly.

      1. Thanks for the recs--will check out Assi and the supermarket at 3rd and Oregon.

        cwdonald, am looking for some pretty specific things: belacan, kaya, Brahim brand curry mixes, Maggi brand instant noodles (found this in NYC Chinatown, but that's a bit far to go for ramen), etc.

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        1. re: msiangal

          For the curry mixes I would definitely try some of the indian groceries on Street road in Bensalem. The instant noodles I would almost bet that Assi has it. I will check next time I am there. But definitely check out Assi. Its on Welsh Road/63 in Lansdale. They have a food court, and also a small section to buy things like woks and steamer baskets. Its in a former Superfresh location so it is quite big, probably bigger than the Hmart in Levittown. That said, as other poster have noted it is a Korean company and their food runs more to East Asian rather than south and southeast asian foods.

          1. re: msiangal

            I think the Oregon Ave store will fit what you are looking for. If not, you can also try the small groceries on 7th St between Snyder and Wolf St, they are Cambodian run and also have Indonesian products. Also if you like Indonesian food and have not been to Hardena on 15th St, that is a must.

            1. re: barryg

              Finally got around to checking out Oregon Market yesterday, and it was fantastic! The most impressive thing was its produce selection--saw several Asian fruits that are not commonly found here. Great selection of groceries, too. I didn't find everything I was looking for, but it's entirely possible the store had it and I just didn't see it. Will have to go back and explore some more. I also tried some of their roast pork and it was quite good. Thanks for the tip!

              1. re: msiangal

                They have another store toward the eastern end of Spring Garden. But the one on Oregon is much better, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

                1. re: msiangal

                  If you come down again, try the one at 6th & Washington and the one at 11th & Washington, they are smaller and not as nice but may have what you are looking for.

              2. re: msiangal

                Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions!

                barryg, I tried Hardena's beef rendang at the night market in Chinatown last year and thought it was very good. Haven't had a chance to go there yet, but it's definitely on my list.

              3. Hey--glad to hear about the store on Oregon and 3rd. I've shopped at the large supermarket on Washington/11th (Big strip mall with Nam Phong restaurant) and thought it had a great selection of Vietnamese food. For Indian, a very good supermarket is International Foods at Walnut and 42nd. HMart is good, but I've heard Assi is much better--but pretty far out (I think it has a wider selection of more asian foods). I have yet to find a great grocery store for Japanese food, and have been looking more in NYC.

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                1. re: Jeanhea

                  this is the best Japanese grocery in the area - it is in Narberth but they run a shuttle.

                  1. re: Bigley9

                    Great--thanks Bigley9 for the info!

                2. Oregon Market at 3rd and Oregon in South Philly