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Nov 22, 2012 03:09 PM

Interesting dinner in Rochester, MN (near Kahler)

I'll be in Rochester, MN on business and we have 2 nights of "dinner on your own" plus I'll be in the market for any interesting coffee/bakery spots with WiFi. Totally new to Midwest culture, so would be interested in some local flavor--with the twist that I'm vegetarian (definitely fit the bill of liking the "natural"/"ethnic" foods scene, but would try anything meatless but more traditional that comes recommended). The meetings are at the Kahler, also where we are staying. So an easy walk or taxi ride would be best. This is for early December. Hey, if you know the area, you could recommend entertainment/local interesting spots, too!

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    1. Rochester is very light on vegetarian, but a couple of the options are pretty good. Nile Ethiopian Restaurant is highly recommended and we are trying it next week. I'll post some comments. Nupa has some nice falafel type plates.

      There are two Indian and a Thai place on Broadway (Within a couple miles of the Kahler) that offer some good choices. There are three coffee/bakery choices within walking distance. In the Kahler is Starbucks. In the Kahler Suites (about a block away) is a Caribou Coffee. There is a Barnes & Noble bookstore (with a Starbucks) a block the other way.

      Under your hotel and a good portion of that area of town is an underground subway. There are walkways to most of the buildings with shops and food places. I'm not sure about the Wi-Fi down there. Rochester recently got 4g coverage, but I haven't tried it underground yet. I will on Tuesday.

      1. Nile is very good. It's about 4 miles away. You may be able to get the hotel shuttle to take you.

        For coffee/bakery there is also Daube's Down Under in the "subway". Wi-fi works very well underground now since they are working on installing a new Google maps system that will give directions through the wifi signal.