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Nov 22, 2012 01:10 PM

Nice Supermarket - Greater Detroit

Hello folks,

I'm from Toronto and will be spending a day or two in and around the greater Detroit area. Can anyone refer me to a nice supermarket? When we travel to Western NY, we always make a stop in at various Wegman's locations. They are considerably nicer than other chains (eg. Topps). Are there any supermarkets in and around Detroit that are Wegman's-like?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It depends what part of the Detroit area you're in. If you're in the Oakland County area Hollywood Markets are good. If you're in the city of Detroit a lot of that area is a food Desert. Meijers are good but are very large, (the size of a Wal Mart) and might not be what you're looking for. I'm not exactly sure what a Wegman's is like.

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      Agree that we could help better if you give us an idea of the area you're staying in, ultimate4g63, or if you are looking for particular items

      All the recs are good ones in any case.

    2. Papa Joe's (north side of town) is great, but not cheap. Also Nino Salvaggio's (more east side of town). Plum, Hiller's (some of them) and Holiday (Royal Oak; not to be confused with Hollywood) are well liked, too. Whole Foods for organic, and Trader Joe's for fun, low cost, niche products. A lot depends on what you want, because even Meijer's could make the best sense.

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        Last summer on my trip to the east coast I ended up at lot of Circle K's. I know that's not what your looking for.

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          Second Holiday Market—wonderful place I wish I lived closer to. There's also a branch in the western suburb of Canton. Might also try La Colmena, a.k.a. the Honeybee Market in Mexicantown in Detroit. Unusually large Mexican supermarket that probably carries things that would be hard to find in Toronto. Reasonable neighborhood, but don't leave stuff in your car.

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            I'll chime in as third on Holiday Market in Royal Oak. Expensive? Yes, but they really do offer a lot of things that just can't be found elsewhere. Having watched the supermarket grow into what it now is, it's truly amazing what they've done with increased space. The prepared foods section is massive, and of very good quality! The bread I've had is very good as well. They have a *massive* cheese section, which interests me *not at all*...but I still have to don a nod of respect for the cheese selection and real estate it occupies. It's very impressive, and I'm sure that it makes a lot of cheese-eating-idiots happy. ;)

            They've truly managed to make themselves into a higher-end grocer in the area, one of the premier markets. It bears repeating: they're *not afraid* to charge for it, either. Fair's fair, though: you can find just tons of stuff here that can't or won't be anywhere else, and if they don't have it, you can ask and they'll be one of the surest bets to be able to get it for you, if in fact they can. And, they'll tell you cheerfully, either way.

            "Costs a little more but it's worth it." could be said of this place. They've earned their reputation, and with the cache comes a higher price tag. That's not a completely unfair tradeoff.

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              Honeybee's parking lot is perfectly safe. Honeybee is fun, but it's getting pretty hipster gringo, except on the weekends when it's full of Canadian Mennonites. Which is also fun.

              More Mexican but still very accessible is E&L Supermercado, on Vernor further west. They have more unusual stuff, especially produce, at much better prices than Honeybee.

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              I definitely second Papa Joe's and Nino's---those are fabulous stores. I call them destination grocery stores. :)

            3. Around Ann Arbor and western suburbs of Detroit, you might try either Busch's or Hiller's. Both have good selections of local & smaller brands, mixed in with general grocery stuff.

              I love going to the grocery in Canada!

              1. Holiday Market, Plum Market, Papa Joes, Nino Salvaggio. I would consider those premium places. Especially Plum Market and Papa Joes.