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Nov 22, 2012 11:51 AM

Pentola della Quercia

We have a reservation tonight. Would be interested in learning whether anyone has tried it and if so, such comments as might be shared.

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  1. Friend at work went last Friday and said the food was great. He didnt elaborate much more than saying there was a great pheasant dish. Let us know how it is.

    1. I have been there a number of times (work very close by) - but only for lunch. It gets a thumbs up from me! The meatball panino, gnocchi, spezzatino, lasagna - all good.

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      1. re: fmed

        can you elaborate on the lasagna? what kind of lasagna and how it was served.

        1. re: betterthanbourdain

          It was a very simple, unembellished rectangle of kale and ricotta lasagna. The sauce was creamy and balanced; the noodles were perfect. And kale know...the new spinach.

          1. re: fmed

            Hate to ask, but how much does pasta noodle, kale, ricotta, cream sauce cost? :D

            :-D haha that is true, kale is the new spinach. yes kale makes good salad i find. you have to completely cut off the stems though.
            Imagine the 'old school' warm spinach salad from the 90's. Modernized using organic Kale-smoked pancetta(errr bacon)-63 degree egg-sous vide chestnuts-grana padano

            1. re: betterthanbourdain

              IIRC $12?

              I like the flavour of kale better than most spinach.

      2. Had been for dinner during the first opening week and the food was excellent. The only complaints I've heard since were more about the service, which I understand has more to do with the Opus.

        1. I took my mum to La Pentola for dinner on Sunday night and we had an amazing meal. From start to finish it was a great experience. We did the 7 course menu, sharing each course, 3 appies, 2 pastas, a meat, and a dessert. The pasta with rabbit ragout was likely our favourite. The service was spot on, the room had a nice warm feel, and I will definitely be going back.

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          1. re: vancityfoody

            Sounds great. I wanna go there, as a replacement for the dearly-departed La Ghianda, which actually wasn't that much cheaper than the prices I see online for La Pentola. Room at La Pentola is obviously much fancier though ;)

              1. re: grayelf

                We didn't find the noise to be an issue, we were able to have a great conversation for our entire stay. The room was comfortable. My mum is generally quite sensitive to noisy rooms and she didn't say a thing.