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Nov 22, 2012 11:37 AM

Slow Food recommendation for Rome in Febuary


i will be in Rome for one night and one following day before going to asia and wanted to ask if there are some inexpensive recommendations for slow food oder quality trattoria style food in rome for one dinner and one early lunch on a saturday.
we have to be at the airport at 1:30 pm so i am not sure if lunch will work but for dinner we are looking for something nice to eat in the 30-40 € area.

till now i thought about going to
Trattoria da Cesare because of raving reviews here and in different blogs even though some other homepages say its pretty average.

what would you suggest?

thank you so much!

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  1. Do you mean Cesare al Caseltto? If so, that would be a great choice for your dinner. It's not in the center, but easily reachable by tram or taxi.

    If you have to be at the airport by 1:30, then I don't think you will have time for lunch. You might want to get take out though? I'd suggest either getting a sandwich at the Forno di Campo dei Fiori. They have a small sandwich shop set up right across the street from the bakery, and their sandwiches are made on their pizza bianca. Very good!

    Or, you can go to Roscioli, the bakery, and go to the back room and get real take out food. As long as you stay away from liquids, you should be able to get it through security. Or else just eat it first!

    If all else fails, there are three Frescobaldi wine bars at the airport, in three of the terminals. Also, the Foccaceria di San Francesco also has a stand (although I'm not sure how it is, since I haven't tried it yet).

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      thank you very much!
      yeah i mean cesare al caseltto. i have chosen a hotel that is quite close to the restuarant so it isnt a hassle at night to get there (and since i know rome and will be staying only one night sightseeing is not of so great interest).

      thank you very much for the lunch suggestions! i will take a look at them and decide!

      one other question: i will be there at the end of febuary and would like to know when to place a reservation.
      thank you!

      1. re: philie


        Am I right to think that Beppe i suoi Formaggi would have things to take away early on a Saturday? That would be my choice if possible.

        Whatever shop or bakery one chooses, that means leaving Rome by about 10.30am to be at the airport in time for a 1.30pm departure --- so one would probably need to be at any shop by 9am on a Saturday morning to leave time to get back to the hotel to retrieve one's luggage, etc., especially if you are not taking a taxi to the airport.

        1. re: barberinibee

          Beppe would have cheese to take away, but they don't make sandwiches or have any prepared foods. And as you say, there is the time issue. They don't really open till about 10ish.

          I think that they have to be at the airport at 1:30, not for a 1:30 departure. So leaving Rome by 12:30 should be fine.

          1. re: minchilli

            does it take so long to get to the airport?
            i will be flying at 3pm so i thought about 1,5 or 2 hours in advance would be ok, so not necessarily a need to rush or?
            thanks anyway for the great tips!

            And one more question: in case i wont get a reservation for cesare, what would be another good trattoria to dine?

            1. re: philie

              it can be long lines in the Rome airport for security, etc. On our last flight out of Rome we arrived there in plenty of time, but it was barely enough - we were literally run through the terminal to the departure gate - there was no breathing time at all.. You need to confirm with your airline when you need to be there - 2 hrs before at a minimum, I would say. It will take you an hr plus to get down from the city, if you are leaving from Trastevere, the Tram to the Trastevere train station (where there are many trains to Fiumicino) is convenient.

              If you are more specific about where you are staying, it will be easier for folks to advise on dinner destinations. One place we really like is Trattoria Monti but it is on the other side of the Center (nearer to Stazione Termini). Another typical Roman restaurant we enjoyed on our last visit was Flavio Velavevodetto, in Testaccio. Id suggest you read some of the recent threads and you will see other restaurants that Chowhounds particularly enjoy these days.

              1. re: jen kalb

                so sorry for the late answer, there was plenty to do but since it is soon to come i thought i should revive this thread!
                we will be staying at h10 hotel which is a bit abroad and would love to find a nice litte spot around!

                thanks so much!