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Nov 22, 2012 10:31 AM

Bonaire Food Truck - Dutch Caribbean

Hagen Wegerer formerly of Cactus Blue in town has purchased a food truck and serves simple delicious island fare. His signature dish is lionfish burger. This was my first time sampling this fish. The filet was tender, flakey and flavourful. Sitting seaside eating this delectable burger was perfect. He is open 12-dusk whenever the wind is blowing. The truck is parked at Atlantis Beach/Kite Beach so perfect for divers and snorkelers and kiters.

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  1. enclosed are some photos from a recent visit..heading over Friday for lunch!

    1. Hagen's lionfish burger was one of the tastiest things i had while on the island. I can't wait to get another one next week.

      And like you said...sitting on the beach watching the kite surfers go by makes for quite a nice setting.

      I can't imagine a better place for a surface interval b/w dives...

      1. Just an update regarding the Cactus Blue food truck. Due to some government spat, Hagen announced on his FB page that he has moved his location to Te Amo Beach, near the airport. He's open Mon-Fri 11A-4P.