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Nov 22, 2012 10:28 AM

noMaD roast chicken

Has anyone tried it? Is it really that good?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thank you. I've read it as well. Just wondering if it's as good as it looks.

      1. re: Gloriaa

        It's the best roast chicken I've ever had.

        1. re: kathryn

          +1 for the NoMad roast chicken. Looking forward to trying the roast chicken sandwich soon.

          1. re: ellenost

            I never order chicken anywhere, and I confess I loved this. We went 3 days ago and we were all pretty wowed. Also +1 for the suckling pig, and the cocktails.

        2. re: Gloriaa

          We just went last week...the chicken was tender and delicious. I would have never known about the foie and brioche without being informed...meaning the flavors are neither obvious or overbearing (at least to me). The setting is wonderful, cocktails and wine are great (I rec Barolo with the chicken), and service was attentive and professional. I am not sure it is the best chicken I have ever had but it is as good as it looks...they present the dish (feet and all) then take it back to let it "rest" and lop off the feet, etc.

          1. re: winefuhrer

            I believe i recall reading that they serve you the breast meat for this dish. Does anyone know what they do with the rest of the chicken?

            1. re: deepfry7

              They serve both the breast meat, plated, and the dark meat, in a cocotte in a light sauce with morels or other mushrooms. Both are divine. We've dined there several times and it is very difficult to explore the rest of the second courses once you have experienced that chicken. (I also love the confitted suckling pig)

              The chicken is designed for two people, but one very hungry diner could probably eat the entire serving.

              1. re: erica

                Yes they do this, but my friend and I are still wondering where the rest of our chicken went.

                Seriously, it was very very good but they only return approximately 60% of the edible bird to you.

                1. re: thegforceny

                  I would hope they use the feet for stock.

                  For the record, as a long-time dim sum fan, I like chicken feet.

      2. I think maybe I had set my expectations too high... It was definitely delicious, but it wasn't the juiciest or most tender chicken I've had, and the preparation of the dark meat I thought hid the deliciousness dark meat has naturally. I also thought the preparation was salty.

        It might have just been an unlucky instance for me... I did wonder if the fact that we waited an incredibly long time after seeing the chicken before being served it had anything to do with the taste, but with that said, it's still very tasty! Just dont elevate your expectations given the hefty price tag.

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        1. re: jen223

          Whose chicken would you suggest instead? I pretty much have to eat alone, so wouldn't get around to The NoMad's rendition anyways.

          1. re: calf

            I've read great things about the chicken sandwich at the brunch; I definitely need to make a return visit very soon!

            1. re: calf

              I think the NoMad chicken is incredible, so incredible in fact that when I haven't had anyone to share it with I have ordered it for myself (because GF is a vegetarian) and taken away the second half (it reheated incredibly well). As mentioned by ellenost the brunch chicken sandwich is an excellent option for experiencing the chicken (and the sandwich really does the chicken justice).

              1. re: calf

                I still love me some Barbuto bird.