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Nov 22, 2012 09:01 AM

Fresh Venison Sausage Without Pink Salt?

Hey folks,
Has anyone ever made fresh sausage without pink salt? I will probably go shoot a doe soon, and I'd like to make sausage with the meat, but I'd like to share the sausage with my mom who's allergic to nitrites / nitrates. My current favorite sausage is a fresh beef + salt + pepper ring from the old german butcher in town.

As far as I understand, pink salt is really only necessary for charcuterie with a curing or smoking period that keeps it at a temperature primed for bacterial growth. If the raw sausage went straight into the freezer, would it really be necessary?

Anybody got recipes?

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  1. I have made venison sausage for many years and have never cured it using nitrites or smoked it. We usually make fresh breakfast sausage, bratwurst, and Italian sausage. As for recipes, I've had the best luck using sausage seasoning pqckets from Gander Mountain, Cabela's or more recently, from our local fleet farm type store. When using the seasoning packets, be sure to add as much per pound as the directions call for and then fry a bit of it and taste it. I sometimes end up adding more seasoning than the directions call for.