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Nov 22, 2012 07:41 AM

Marriot Metro Center-Italian/French

Any suggestions for Italian or French reasonably priced places close (no car, using Metro) to this hotel?

Thanks much!

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      1. Michel Richard Central. Food is very, very filling here, so just be careful not to over-order. I am not sure what constitutes reasonable, but I have no problem with the high prices. I am not particularly fond of their house wines, though. (the ones with the michel richard label).

        Get the faux gras, macaroni and cheese, tuna burger, short ribs, lamb....

        1. One of my favorite French restaurants in DC is the cozy and charming Bistro D'Oc in Metro Center. They serve excellent french bistro cuisine with a special list updated daily.

          For Italian near Metro Center is Bibianna, which is my personal favorite Italian restaurant in DC. Try the meatball appetizer and the polenta.