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Nov 22, 2012 07:28 AM

Looking to Buy a New Set of Cookware - Suggestions Needed

I want to replace my current cookware and want some suggestions from the group.

I was looking at the T-fal D913SC64 Signature Hard Anodized Oven Safe set. I found it on Amazon for about $85.00. My budget is to try and keep it under $100

Any suggestions are appreciated


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This set is just a bit over your budget but gets good reviews.

      We have a 12"Tramontina tri-ply SS skillet and use it almost daily.

      1. The T-Fal set is nonstick; the Tramontina set recommended by John E. is not. That might seem to give the advantage to the T-Fal set, but sometimes you want bits of what you're cooking to stick to the bottom of the pan, providing a basis for a sauce or gravy. If your old cookware includes a stainless steel frypan, you might keep that, then.

        A while back I bought a T-Fal 10" skillet/frypan as my old Tramontina one had lost its nonstick property. Use it for eggs, fish, whatever I want not to stick. After seasoning the pan according to T-Fal's instructions, I've been satisfied with its slickness and heat distribution. But I've never used any of the other T-Fal cookware.

        1. Over the years, I had non-stick sets and it seemed like there were always pieces that never got used.

          I have now crossed over to stainless steel and love it. I did have a learning curve but am now very happy with it.

          Getting back to sets - after my last set met the trash can, I bought All-Clad seconds off cookware and more site. Setting the brand aside, I thought about what I really needed. I bought a stock pot, a small non-stick 8" for eggs, a 4qt saute and a 2 qt sauce pot. I cooked with those for a couple of years. The saute was my every day pan. I only recently added a 12" fry pan and another sauce pan. Now, if the brands you are looking at are sets only, ignore my info but if you can buy by the piece, it might be helpful. FWIW, I rarely use the non-stick fry pan and should have just bought a cheapy one.

          1. I recently purchased a Cuisinart 7 piece set from amazon (around $80). The pots work great for me, but I also have a larger 13 inch all clad skillet (which gets a lot of use) and a smaller non-stick skillet from ikea (which has a nice heavy bottom) for eggs. A lot comes down to what you cook, and for how many.