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Nov 22, 2012 06:10 AM

Where to buy really good beef in Spain?

Hi all,

I am going to be in Spain in a couple of weeks and when I return I wish to be carrying with me a few caveman-sized Chuletas to grill at home. By the way, its not prohibited to bring raw meat into my country.

As far as possible, I am looking to get local Spanish beef from a mature animal and dry aged for a long time. Essentially I want the experience mentioned in this article:

My last few stops will be in San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona so if anyone could point me to a good butcher at any of these cities (preferably Barcelona) I will be very grateful! So far, I've identified Valles de Esla as a reputable brand but I won't mind buying from more sources.


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  1. In Madrid:
    Raza Nostra

    It's in the Mercado de Chamartín upstairs (Colombia metro stop). You can read about the breeds they sell here (in Spanish):

      1. Both links are great! Thanks guys!

        I also found which looks very promising as well. I might also check out Hamburguesa Nostra which I think is under the same umbrella as Raza Nostra (butterfly do you have any idea?).

        Both Jimenez Barbero and Hamburguesa Nostra can be found in the Mercado San Anton. I will ask Hamburguesa Nostra if I could collect steaks ordered from Raza Nostra at this convenient location.

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          Hi deadstroke86--I've been to a few of the Hamburguesa Nostra outposts for snacks. There's also one in Mercado de San Miguel y Mercado de la Paz (and now that I'm looking many, many more:

          I'm not sure if they could hook you up with preordered steaks, but it's worth a try. If not, Mercado de Chamartín is a short cab/metro ride away--Madrid is very compact.

          I'm not familiar with Jiménez Barbero, but the photos are eliciting a pretty intense pavlovian response... Let us know (in graphic detail, if possible), how your meat-finding mission turns out.

        2. Hi Roy,

          The very best butcher in Barcelona I´ve come across the last couple of years is on C. Madrazo (crossing with Aribau). Its a bit of a hike from the old town, a couple of blocks uphill from Diagonal (take a cab), but you might very well find that chunk here. Enjoy!

          Carns Selectes Rabasseda
          Carrer Madrazo, 97
          08006 Barcelona, Spain
          T. 932 09 45 62

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          1. re: Nielsito

            Thanks! I will check that out too. I'm looking to report it back to you guys when I am back!

            1. re: deadstroke86

              So how was the beef? And where did you end up buying it?

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Oops there. I forgot my promised report.

                I bought my steak from at the Mercado San Anton (fantastic market). I requested a very large 1.5kg chuleton (about 60 euros) which the butcher cut from a massive rack of ribs. I also requested it to be vacuum bagged to be brought home. From what I understood the meat was dry aged for 40 days.

                Fast forward a couple of weeks and I am home and ready to consume the steak. First impressions: the dry aging rendered the raw steak incredibly aromatic, nutty and almost sweet smelling. I seasoned the meat with fleur de sel and grilled it medium-ish rare (57degrees C) over wood embers. The smoke and dry aging flavors complemented each other very well. Of course, it wasn't as tender as a Wagyu steak but the chewiness was quite pleasant. Cooking note: I think the steak would have turned out better if I placed it further away from the heat and allowed it to come up to temperature slowly. It also needs a long resting period to cool and obtain maximum tenderness. The leftovers, which I sliced cold over a simple salad, are even better than the hot steak.