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Nov 22, 2012 05:46 AM

Fresh Italian Chestnuts - where to buy?

Does anyone know of stores in the Twin Cities area that carry fresh Italian chestnuts? I purchase regular chestnuts at Rainbow and while they are fine for things like stuffing, I'd love to get my hands on some Italian chestnuts for roasting as I find them sweeter. Figured rather than calling a bunch of stores, some of you knowledgeable Chowhounders might know. Thanks

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  1. I think Heartland had them in their shop/deli last year. Maybe call over there?


    1. Saw them today at TJs in SLP.

      1. Good luck finding "fresh Italian" chestnuts in Minnesota, at least at a retail location. Fresh, for chestnuts, is a few days old. I'm not sure you can find h9igh quality Italian chestnuts without ordering them from an East coast joint, like Fante's, or maybe DiBruno Brothers.

        Washington state has high quality quality chestnuts, that might be easier and cheaper to get.

        BTW - don't limit yourself to Italian chestnuts, even though they'll be the easiest to find. The French have great ones, and, IMO, Swiss chestnuts from the Rhone Valley are the best Europe has to offer. If you can find any from that general part of the world - French-Italian-Italian Alps, you'll do great. But getting them without mail order here - fresh - is just not possible.

        1. Via the recommendation from another Chowhounder this year, I ordered mine from Girolami Farms in Stockton, Calif. The chestnuts were some of the largest and sweetest I've ever tasted. Ordered them over a month ago, so I don't know whether they still have any for sale.

          1. I was in the vastly enlarged Cosetta's Market over in St. Paul today, and it seems to me that I saw fresh chestnuts out of the corner of my eye. I was deliberately blinkering myself so as to not go crazy with my purchases. Give them a call, if you're still in the market.

            Also, try Mississippi Market. I saw them there a while back.