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Nov 22, 2012 05:04 AM

"Shatteringly crisp" turkey skin??

I'm beginning to think this "shatteringly crisp" turkey skin claim is an urban myth. It may be crisp right when the bird comes out of the oven, but in my experience by the time it's rested, carved, foiled on a platter, etc. the skin is an unevenly sliced flaccid blanket of ick.

So...what if I peel off the skin, put it on some foil or a rack maybe on a baking sheet and put it back in the oven by itself to crisp up? Has anyone tried this? If so, what temp, etc.

As always, thanks Chowhounders!!

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  1. You need to have as little 'fat' as possible on/in the skin as possible right? So don't add any fat ie butter/olive oil etc bc you'd be defeating the purpose. Rub the skin with some Kosher salt the night before you're cooking the turkey. Refrigerate over night. Pat dry the turkey before going into the oven. Preheat oven to 210F Don't truss the turkey BTW. Leave turkey in the oven until the internal temp deep in the thigh is 150F. This will take a surprisingly shorter time than you may think. Remove turkey. Now the critical part. The skin will look pretty anemic. Crank up the oven as high as it will go. In a few minutes when the oven is SCREAMING hot put the turkey back in the oven being careful not to burn your eyebrows off LOL. Watch the turkey now like a hawk! Within a couple of minutes you will witness the skin turn from anemic to a lovely golden brown. Leave it in until you are happy with the color. Then remove and loosely tent for half an hour or so then carve. Putting the turkey in the screaming hot oven for just a couple of minutes will not effect the internal temp. I done this countless time with all sorts of birds and it's always worked. Each step is important though. You can't not rub salt on the skin the night before for instance. One last VERY important thing: Whatever you do don't ever cover any bird in the oven or you'll end up with a tough 'steamed' bird. My mother-in-law did that once in spite of my warning. The turkey was pretty much inedible and my sister-in-law offered that opinion during the dinner. NOT a pretty sight. LOL