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Nov 22, 2012 04:54 AM

Having trouble this Thanksgiving :( Stuffing bread too crumbly to use?

I like to make my own stuffing, including my own bread cubes . I read that Arnold bread is a good one for stuffing so I thought I would try it, but my hubby did the shopping and he couldn't find it. He brought home Sara Lee instead. I went ahead and tore it into pieces and dried it in the oven but I was surprised to see how airy and crumbly it is. I don't use store bought because I like my stuffing less chunky and more moist, but now I am worried this bread will not hold up at all and will become one mass of disolved mess inside the bird. Any advice? Should I go ahead and take my chances?

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  1. You can still use it - compensate w/ a little extra liquid; bind w/ beaten egg. Have a wonderful day!!

    1. You can toast the bread a little more before making the stuffing, it should be OK.
      I use Arnold myself and made sure to get an extra loaf, just in case.

      1. Use more crushed nuts/diced sautéed celery and onions etc. I'm afraid your stuffing is only going to be as good as the bread you use. No chance at all hubby can't source some even store bought bread specifically made for stuffing from the store?

        1. Make sure the flavors are good and don't worry. People don't know what kind of stuffing you intended to make, so just consider you are making a different kind. Mine has toasted pecans and dried fruit and crumbled cornbread. Might not be traditional to some but it's good to me.